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OK, its been almost a month since we dropped it off and just one day before our vacation and we got the Disco back today!

It was like getting a new Disco all over again. We'd been "stuck" in a Furd Exploder this whole time and it paled in comparison. It really made us appreciate just how nice and...well how GOOD the Disco is. Some of the things I thought were not that good really aren't that bad after all and all things I thought were good, now seem great! ;)

Land Rover, really does build a nice vehicle...

I know its "just a car" but dayam it, we missed it.

The shop did a great job. Work is warrantied for life and any future problems that might come up due to this accident is covered. I think they buttoned it up nicely though.

One cool thing is that the new rear bumper "cowl" doesnt have the hack job cut out for the hitch. It looks much cleaner.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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