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First call your salesperson and ask them to register you with the VIN into the Land Rover system.

Then, have your salesperson email you the link to login. Create a user name and password on your PC/Mac (don't do this on a mobile device or tablet). Once you can login to the account and your car via computer.....

Download the app from your App store to your mobile/table device.

Enter the credentials you created in step 2 into the app and voila!

You can now remote start the car, check the journeys, locate your car, remotely unlock/lock, remind you of service needs, etc...
Is this still accurate? We just bought a new (to us) 2016.5 as the dealer sold it, Discovery Sport HSE with the InControl option. It only has 24,000kms so we were able to save money but still get a relatively new vehicle. I set up the account online but it shows as having an active Incontrol Protect account to Oct this year. What's odd is it shows online the only real option with this is Journey's, Stolen Vehicle and Location. Reading the Incontrol site they constantly refer to InControl Remote & Protect but it looks like mine only has the latter option of the two. Is this accurate or should they have been bundled.

It shows expiry this year, can I extend the service and maybe add the Remote function?

Thanks, we just got this today after a week's wait and it was fun today! We are heading to Montebello in April to try the course there.

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