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Over the July 4 long weekend the husband and I decided to get out of town and as I've always wanted to go to the Strasburg Railroad, we decided on a trip to Lancaster, PA (about a 3 hour drive).

We got to Lancaster around lunch on the Forth and got a recommendation for good fireworks. Lancaster doesn't do anything organized but we were told that Lititz, the next significant town north, did them in their big city park. Boy, do they! It's the best local fireworks show I've seen, and there was a crowd of thousands.

And that's where the problem started. We exited the park on pretty much the opposite side of where we came in, and had no idea of where we were or where we had parked.

After scratching our heads for a few minutes I suddenly remembered the LR In Touch app on my iPhone. It worked like a charm. It produced a map and walking directions. We were a blue circle and the DS was a red circle, and we had turn by turn voice and picture directions to it. It took us about 15 minutes to walk to the DS. I was impressed. I guess it would work like a LoJack if you ever needed it to.

Oh, and 2 thumbs up to the Strasburg Railroad.
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