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When Will North America be Getting the Discovery Sport?

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Now that this wonderful piece of SUV has launched officially, offically, now the next question is when will it proliferate to global markets. Most importantly when will it migrate to North America?

I've read that the Disco will launch initially with a 2.2-litre SD4 turbodiesel engine making 187bhp and a smaller 150bhp eD4 diesel fir the FWD exclusive model.

From what I understand there will be no petrol options until the Ingenium engines join the fracas somewhere down the line.

I think its safe to assume North America will not see Disco's revival until the petrol engines are fully operational...
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I have yet to see or hear of anything so far but my guess is we could very well see more on this at the 2015 NAIAS show in April, if sooner, it could be around the week of the 19th at the LA Auto Show.
I agree that the NA model will not be coming out until we know more about the petrol engines. It will be coming to NA but probably not until late 2015.
Cheers, still vague however. Article merely states next year. Which could be 6 weeks or 6 months from now LOL...
Sorry for digging up an old thread but is there any more details about the eD4 making a US premier? Is it truly expecting to get around 60mpg?
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