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Just about every new vehicle has its bugs and the 2015+ Discovery Sport is no different as many owners have discovered by now. The most talked about so far are rattles suspected to be coming from the B-Pillar Area that exists for all 2015-2017 owners. While there is a Technical Service Bulletin from Land Rover presenting a solution, its advised you read through what other owners like yourself have to say in this and this thread before visiting your local dealer.

I thought I would share with everyone that the 2016 DS has the same rattling/ticking noise in the pillar by the driver side window. It sounds like the same issue that plagued the 2015 model. Dealer confirmed and have ordered parts for it. It will take 1.5 days to complete. :(
My 2016 disco has the same squeaks and rattles. The squeaking from the tailgate is caused by loose taillight housings and loose outer tailgate trim. My dealer took it all apart and put 3m insulating tape around each part. This took about 2 hours and it stopped all squeaks from the rear.

I have the ticking noise as well. My ds was delivered in January 2016 and is a 2016 model. I guess I will need the weld job I have been reading about.

Lastly the 2nd row seat has a lot of high pitched squeaks over small bumps and normal road surfaces. There is apparently a standard fix for this too. Going to get it done next Thursday, 2/4/16.
the B pillar tick issue exists for all DS vehicles 2015-2017. TATA for some reason has not addressed this blunder, nor does TATA or JLR want to answer any questions about it.

JLR has a service bulletin to "fix" the B pillar tick noise, but i would not recommend anyone to ever allow a dealer service guy to use a chisel & hammer to open up body panels, nor would i allow them to drill out old welds and MIG weld it back together. doing either can compromise the integrity of the vehicle, which can negatively impact the safety of the vehicle.

the best thing i can recommend for anyone about to buy a new DS is to look for a $5-6k off of MSRP price. you will be gambling your $$ with this B pillar tick issue. a "tick..... tick tick.............. tick" while driving can be so annoying you'll want to ditch the DS for something else.

for those who allowed the dealer to use hammer & chisel and/or re-weld things, i would be concerned for your safety. your DS is not the extra vehicle sitting on the farm for the occasional trip to the far end of the farm and back!

are you saying the dealer performed the fix before you picked up your new DS, and they did this w/o consulting with you 1st? if so i would return that DS as a lemon and get a new one w/o the fix done, live with whatever B pillar tick you get. doing the fix as i explained above can compromise the safety of the vehicle.

"Exhaust" Smell Inside

An issue not foreign to Land Rover/Range Rover's is exhaust smell in the cabin. Fortunately not all owners are experiencing this as reported here. Some like @dannyt report attempts to get the issue addressed have been unsuccessful while others report it has gone away on its own. Overall its a mystery, no answers to be found yet, but make sure to follow the reports here for the latest.

It happens intermittently but more frequently when the car is sitting still with the engine on.
LR had HSE TD4 (lucky I didn't buy LUX)!! for 2 weeks to get welding done etc.. 5 time back in! They also changed service Mgr on me!!

Obviously they could not replicate the issue!! So NO ISSUE!!! apparently...

It's still there!!

I've resolved to tell everyone I know not to buy!!! Oh btw a new RHS b pillar loose spring like rattle is in the cabin after getting it back. Follow the rattle issue under the rattle thread..

Am getting rid of this car. NEVER AGAIN!!
I also have the same problems on my discovery sport 2016. The rattling sound I have had since I bought it but have not done anything about it. It kind of sounds like it was in the front. In terms of the fume smell it really bothers me. I seems to happen when I have the recirculation button on and when it is off it tends to dissipate. So I have opted not to use the recirculation button because the fume smell kind of give me a headache. I will address it with the dealer when I take it for maintenance.

Check Engine Light

Typical to Land Rover/Range Rover products as you may have been expecting that dreadful light is coming on, the check engine light, and of course its coming on due to a range of issues. Reports have been steadily coming in, (unfortunately) momentum hasn't died down, and frustrations are running high. Whether your still dealing with this or had it resolved, odds are the range of what owners are reporting will be value to you.

I have a 2016 Disco HSE ... I've had my check engine light come on twice. Both on my way back from weekends in Tahoe. First time it was O2 sensor, misfire on cylinder, running lean. The car went into limp mode and wouldn't push over 2k RPMs. This was at 2,200 miles approx.

Second time, misfire on three of four cylinders, running rich and O2 sensor. Car didn't go into limp mode this time but was sluggish on accelerator. This was at 3,300 miles approx.

They are figuring it out, fingers crossed nothing major, although I have the privilege of driving an XKR for the next days.
I had taken my new (500 miles) DS in about 3 weeks ago because the check engine light had come on and stayed on for about a week. The service advisor came in and said that it was not on when she pulled it in to the service bay, even though it was on when I parked about 5 min earlier. She said they would check it out anyway, so off I went in my XF loaner.
She called later that day to tell me there was an "exhaust leak" that they had fixed, but they needed to keep it overnight to make sure it was fixed. Not a problem, picked it up, light was off, and away I went.
About a week after that, on my way to Whistler for a ski weekend with a couple buddies, the light came on again about 10 miles into the trip. Holiday weekend and all, couldn't get hold of the service dept to make another appointment, so I called when I got back. Advisor said that JLR is aware of "an issue causing the check engine light to come on repeatedly." She then said that there is no fix available at this time, but she would contact me with any update and that I should just ignore the light if the DS "is running fine."
I'm mostly worried because I thought the car was "running fine" the last time the light came on, and there was an exhaust leak that needed to be repaired. Has anybody else heard of this issue? Thanks!

Heated and Cooled Seats

Even the heated and cooled seats have been problematic with some variation in how they are acting up or abnormal from what most owners have been used to. Owners like @4sallypat have been sharing tips on what worked for them in getting temperature just right.

My front seats take forever to beat up and don't get very hot. The cooling option for front seats are barely noticible. I'm used to seats getting at times too hot or too cool when traveling long distances. I'm not sure mine work properly? Anyone have the same problem? Also does anyone hear a compressor sound from the rear cargo area when heated or cooling seat feature is turned on?
We have a 2015 with the Windsor leather seats.

I've had several vehicles with heats seats and the heated seat function in our DS is the hottest I've ever had. I rarely take them to level 3. They'll cook my back side. They heat up extremely fast.

The cooled seats are also the best I've ever had. I've had 3 other vehicles with cooled seats.

Not sure what's going on with yours?
I was able to play around with the climate seats while I was in the car today. I'm definitely not getting any cooling on the seat back, regardless of whether it's on both bottom and back, or back only (thanks for the tip, wasn't aware you could change those settings). Whats odd is that I can hear a fan motor or something kick on in the seat when the seat back is selected, and kick off when it's on bottom only. What's even more odd is that both the driver and passenger seats are having the maybe it's me? Anyone else experienced this? I have a LR dealer nearby but I'd prefer to take it where I bought the car, which is a 45 min drive, so I'll probably let it go until I have another problem.

Infotainment Issues

If the infotainment system has been acting weird, your not alone. Suggestions on what could work, what has been tried, attempts from dealers, etc. has been shared. Unfortunately even after multiple visits to Land Rover, owners like @Radius are still left without a solution.

I can't express how disappointed I am in the 2016 DS's Touch Screen System. It is slow, doesn't always work, and basically a very poor design.

I took mine into the dealer at the 10,000 mile check up and complained about it. The main problem I was having at the time was that the speed sign reading didn't read the 75 miles an hour road signs and it occasionally locked up. They said they couldn't find anything wrong and didn't have a fix or new software from Land Rover. I recommended that they reflash the software which they didn't do.

Now the navigation seldom works (it can't read or find the simm card), voice commands don't work, the speed sign reading system forgets the speed after a few minutes, and the In Control Apps won't work. What a piece of crap.

I was looking at the Lincoln MKX before buying the DS and their Sync 3 system is a 100 times better.

I am scheduling a appointment to see what they can do this time.
Took my Discovery Sport in last week to get the new software update applied hoping it will fix my problems. It helped the Nav a little but I am still having problems with the it reading the speed signs. It is also responding a little faster.

They also told me that the iPhones don't work for text and emails because of iCloud..... Ah.....

FYI. There is also new transmission software, a sun glasses compartment latch fix, and a fix for one of the back seats to fix a rattling issue.
Well I go in tomorrow for my fourth attempt to get my system fix! I am not holding my breath because the service rep say there are no notice that I haven't already tried.

All they can do is document the on going problems to see if Land Rover will approve switching out the unit. If they can't fix it this time I guess it time for nasty letter to Land Rover.

I should have bought the new Lincoln MKX, that Consumers Report says is best in class unless you really want off-roading. If their new 9 speed transmission was out I would have.

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As for the Infotainment system with the glitchy Navigation and slow to respond soft keys, I just received back my Disco and love that they fixed the issues!

The Navigation issue was an old SD card reader - they did this:
997036 WL (N/C)
762500 SHOP TIME
997036 WL (N/C)
FC: 42
PART#: LR085516 found older version of sd card reader. attempt to remove sd card
reader, but found electrical harness too short to unplug without
removing upper floor console. remove shift console and cup holder for
access to sd card reader connections (dw time). replace sd card reader
and refit cup holder, and shift module. test system. ok.

I suggest highly that your dealer take a look at the HARDWARE in your Discovery Sport - it might be an older version.

Now my Infotainment system is working perfectly - quick response, no lag, and reliable navigation.
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**InControl Touch Infotainment system.
We purchased the InControl Infotainment system as an option for US$3000.
Being in the computer security field I won't allow the system to be "always connected".
So the solution was to use the wireless connectivity to connect to and utilize Internet resources (Google, maps, etc) using a Wireless "hotspot", and disconnect when not in use.
We just found out the hard way that it is completely useless.
Once in Drive and in motion the system locks you out of using the feature.
So - a vehicle that is designed to move and get you places - won't allow you to use a very expensive feature while moving.
Even the passenger (that's what we would have done with the ability) can't use it.
No documentation that we can find, you just have to discover it.

** HBA feature disabled from factory (US$250), no documentation (the service guy showed us how to enable it at the one year service).
** IMO, even the Meridian sound system isn't all that great. I can build a better sounding system from Radio Shack.
** Very poor documentation.
** Seat heat / cool controls take a number of steps to actually turn on/off.
** Auto start/stop dangerous.
** Sluggish acceleration/transmission valve, again dangerous.
** Intermittent stuck shifter knob.
** Virtually no console storage space.
** Not enough space in the sunglasses holder to hold non-fold-flat sunglasses.
** Squeaks, rattles.
** Service charges $$$.
** Various user interface problems (Music navigation, nav screen shifting to a login screen for no reason, GPS well behind actual position / where to turn and more).

Sorry, but the InControl moving lock out problem has sent me cranky.

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I have experience some of the issue.... can't imagine if all of it would affect my vehicle I think I would have driven the car into their HQ building (I am in NJ and their USA HQ is in NJ too).

In addition:
128Gig memory stick will NOT work properly no matter how you format it....talked to JLR - they are aware and will try to resolve in future updates but was told that not too many people have 128 gigs of music so probably not in the next few revisions....

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We found out that to do the software updates the dealer (Wisconsin) has to stream the load to the car from Atlanta over the Internet.
What should take minutes takes hours. They are not allowed to have the software locally. Or so I'm told.
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