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I am reading so many posts by UK owners who had to return their brand new Discovery.
What puzzles me is why so many people have to return a car that is new and built to their order.
Also, how is it even possible to just return a car to a dealership for a refund? Not so easy in the USA
unless it is a lemon which is a major issue and not just a whim.

Also how is it possible that in many cases people say that they ordered, for instance, a car that
was 45 000 yet when it arrived with all features as ordered the MSRP of that car was 35 000.
Subsequently those people managed to take this car back, sell it back or "refund" to the dealer
for the said 45 000 and get it repurchased at 35 000.

What is going on? How is it possible and what is it result of?
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