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Introduction as a New member!

I'm a new member because I ordered mi-dec a DS HSE Auto 180 cv.
I live in Spain!

I have questions about options which could be very useful / good to have or not of any interest?
I need your feedback as I need to close my order definitly as soon I possible.

Please send me pictures or advices you think useful as this is the frst time I order a brand new car!
I fell a bit lost regarding all the posibilities offered!

The interior will be Almond (I've seen it in my CC and I like the light it gives inside and the warm feeling too)

For the exterior I probably go for the Loire Blue (unfortunately I haven't see it in real and hope it will be a dark blue!) Pictures please, feedback please?
I was wondering about the Corris Grey instead but with interior Almond I don't know if it will work well!

List of options I have selected yet:
- Sunroof (no black pack, same color as the exterior around the roof)
- Heated front Seats electric with memory function
- Retrovisors electric memory function
- Heated passenger seats
- USB Connection on front panel (any pictures?)
-connections USB x2 row of rear seats
- Boots: Opening and closing Electrical
- Black glass (privacy Cristal)
- Emergency wheel normal size
- Trailer system demontable but not electric trailer (model 5 place invisible if disassembled)
-Jantes 18 "style 109 series (those standard on the HSE)
- Carpet floor carpet (gift from the CC)

Accessories =
- Roof Rails
-roof bars with Aluminium finish

I had confirmation that In control protect option is included in the 3 years warranty

I wonder at the moment about taking the In Control Apps? Is it really interesting because the HT price is 715 euros !!!!

Regarding Secure Incontrol secure , My insurance does not require it. But do you think it is woth it? The price offer by Land rover as an option is a good deal? If I don't take it now and I want install a similar system later how much it will cost me (in land rover it will cost around 650 euros TTC)
Do you have information and advice about this topic?


Accessories: what do you think about the following list?

I want to eventually add the following:

Padel -for steering wheel aluminum finish

-Kit Pedals stainless steel sport type

- Sport type footrest

- Front door chrome illuninated or basic (without light)?

I think I have mentioned everything!
Thank you in advance for your feedback, tips, pictures etc.

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