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So far so good...
With one week on the clock and 320 miles, I do like the LRDs.
A couple of head scratchers though:
**Very little console storage room (I am aware of the cupholder one).
**12vdc outlet nowhere near the dash.
**Sunglass holder too small for my normal sized sunglasses, argh.
**Fuel gauge doesn't seem to be linear in its action. I will have to learn it.
A couple of things to get used to:
**Keyless fob. **All of the automatic lock / unlock features (not sure of I will ever "not manually lock the doors")
Real irritation:
** Auto Stop/Start feature...Dangerous. Come to a stop sign and then try to go, the hesitation is dangerous. I turn it off now.

So far the vehicle drives very well. Not much of a learning curve.
Good ride, great handling, great stopping, good acceleration (aside from the slight turbo lag).
I have the 10in screen and it is nice, the navigation system is a sight better that in my MKX or X3, so that is a plus.
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