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We have liftoff

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Picked the new girl up this morning.

So far so good. Just reading the manual, trying to work out which of the things it mentions I actually have...
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congrats and welcome to the boards! pics a must, what did your build look like?
Pix tomorrow.

Not found any "issues" yet. I did spot a dust cap missing from the aircon fill valve. They swiped one from the demo car to replace it. :)

I had a rattle too - as soon as I left the forecourt! But I realised the salesman had tossed the second key on the centre console and as soon as I turned the wheel it dropped down the side. Just about reached it, and no more rattle.
Would love to see some pictures and let us know how you like once you get a few miles under your belt.

Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here. :D
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First foto

On the playing field at Brackley, just before being used as a roadblock for the carnival.


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