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2016 DS HSE LUX. This is information and not a complaint.

Small oil leak noticed at 80k oil change (not dealer) from timing cover. Dealer quoted repair at $1700 but recommended new timing/cam kit due to TSB common issue at additional $1300-$1800. Just after 90k oil change, Engine light comes on with VVT codes. Local (not dealer) shop diagnoses same and quotes $1350 ($90/hr labor). It saves $2000+ and they previously serviced my Jetta TDI, QX56, X5 and Evoque so I hold my breath and give them a chance. This is a little over a day repair due to the labor hours to disassemble and rebuild the left side of the engine.

The perfect storm made this a 12 day repair. Shop ordered or received the wrong parts, mechanic was out for personal reasons, owner was out for training, and finally the shop missed the notice to avoid re-using a washer requiring more shipping and a second rebuild.

Car now runs great again. I saved $2k+. Is the ten days of driving a loaner 2002 Ford Escape and getting second guessed by your spouse worth it? I don’t know, maybe...probably. I do know if I had paid a bit more for a CPO 5/100 warranty, I would have had a sweet new Rover for a few days :)

I do see Porsche currently has a CPO 2 Year/ Unlimited mile warranty.

2016 LR DS HSE LUX (White)
90,250 miles
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