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V1 Radar detector on dash - feedback ?

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Ok, so I moved the Valentine V1 radar detector over from my old car I sold.

I used to use the cigarette lighter 12v socket for power and ran it neatly under the carpet around to the front windshield next to the rear view mirror.
Worked great until the Land Rover took over.....

Unfortunately, the Discovery Sport rear view area is a bit cluttered with the camera eyes.:(

I could not find a place in the upper windshield so I moved down to the dash.
Temporarily affixed on the dash with velcro.

Wiring was changed because I hated the cigarette lighter start/stop feature of the DS when ever the engine restarted, the radar detector restarted.:(

So I got a SAVVY module which plugs into the OBD port under the dash.
I am hoping the start stop won't interfere with the radar detector....

Plugged her in and will be giving the DS a spin and will report back....:|

Opinions ? Feedback ? Suggestions ???


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The radar is pretty big. I think the only place you can mount it is on the dash.
Keep us posted.
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