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Wondering if anyone has tried upgrading the brakes on their DS?

I have the 286hp engine, have some fun curvy mountain roads on my 50mile drive to work, and I have a led foot.
Combine all those, and I'm wondering if it would be worth it to add some higher-performance rotors and pads to this thing. When I'm in some of the downhill curvy bits my brakes remind me that I'm in a 4x4 SUV, but I feel like the brakes shouldn't be complaining about it as much as they do. I bought my DS with 12,500k on it and I had them replace a warped rotor before I took delivery on it, so that also makes me extra paranoid about any complaining my brakes do.

I read somewhere that the OEM rotors were made by Brembo, but that was on some other forum, and they may have been referring to the Range Rover Sport, not the DS.

After some digging, I keep seeing the Z36 Truck/Tow Performance kit from Power Stop popping up, and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these and how they might compare to the OEM rotors and pads.
I found the full kit for front and rear for $350 on RockAuto, and it includes drilled/slotted rotors, Carbon-Fiber/Ceramic pads, plus all new hardware, new pad wear sensors, etc and a 36k/3yrs warranty if you buy the full kit.

If anyone has experience with these or any info on other non-OEM brakes compared to the OEM on the DS, I'd love to hear your feedback.

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