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Recently chucked a UHF in the disco sport, a compact little uniden system with just a little antenna. I got one of the guys at work to make up a little stainless steel bracket which we attached to the horn bracket and straight out the grille.
I had initially planned to mount the unit in the centre under the head unit in that little storage compartment but there was nowhere to wire it in unless we drilled through the plastic, which wasn’t exactly ideal. I ended up going with some heavy duty Velcro to mount it.

we didn’t have to drill through anything except a bit of rubberunder the bonnet. You’ll see in the photos how we’ve done it, ended up running the antenna wiring through the air vents but after two months no issues 😂
We used a fuse tap to hook the power up through the accessories so that it comes on when you open the door and the screen of the car turns on etc.
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