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I've always felt the center console on our RRC/D1/D2's was flimsy at best and not to mention un-secure. Well I was given a heads up that Tuff-Rox was coming out with some new products and a D2 cubby was one of them. As soon as I could I ordered one, and it arrived from the UK to my house in about 7 business days.

It was very well packaged, and it had the hardware, instructions, and a small rivet (used to set the combo). Installation is so simple it's not even funny. Remove the 2 existing screws from inside the D2 center console compartment, insert the Tuff-Rox D2 Lockable Cubby Insert, install the two 10mm bolts and washers, tighten and the install is complete. Then just set the combo to 000, and with the unit open insert the provided rivet into the lock, set the combo, remove the rivet, and test it with the door open to prevent any lock outs. I now find the center console to be rock solid as the bolts and SS insert help to re-enforce the entire console.

I now feel good leaving valuables locked in my D2 while I'm out and about.
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