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Few days ago my check engine light came on
Along with the traction and a message saying gearbox fault.
The gear wouldn’t shift up, was stuck at 45km.

Left the car few days before taking it in to the mechanic.
On the day of taking it in, all lights were off.
Mechanic said couldn’t scan any major problems that needed to be fixed. Not sure of what he found.
So now a few days later has passed, driven short distances to the shops.

I’ve got a OBD vehicle health monitor device that is always plugged in.
It’s detected an issue which is
Transmission control module lost connection.
Code: U0101

Would the module be the cause to the gears not shifting?

Is it still drivable for short distances to the mechanic?

And approximately how much would it cost to replace or fix this? At independent mechanic or Land Rover
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