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Hi all
Thinking of trading my my loyal LR2 for a disco sport once the oil dilution problems are resolved.

My concern is the towbar nose weight on the DS of 100kg where the LR2 is 150kg.I have a caravan with 100kg noseweight then I stick 2 bikes on a tow bar rack making it about 135kg, the LR2 copes with no problems.

On looking online I came across this info on a LR website.

Nose weight*. All vehicles. 100
Tow bar mounted accessories. All vehicles. 66.8
*The nose weight can be increased to a maximum of 150 kg for vehicles with 5 seats and to a maximum of 145 kg for vehicles with 7 seats. Make sure that the GVW, the GTW, and the maximum rear axle weights are not exceeded. If required, remove weight from the vehicle to facilitate the increased nose weight.

From reading this my understanding is that the nose weight can be as much as 150 kg providing the car is not fully loaded to max GVW have I read this correct?
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