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Tires Question

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Hey all

Shopping for some tires... nothing wrong with the stock ones, but I want to put on some with more aggressive thread. I'd like to stay away from specifically designed "snow tires" and not even considering studded tires... but I want something that's a bit more grippy on slippery surfaces than the stock Pirellis. I'd probably put these back on in the spring... Ideas? Anyone done a switchout and have some photos to share?
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I love my stock OEM continental cross contacts that came with the DS.

It is very similar to my Continental DWS (now it's called -'06) for better grip in a wet, snow, and light ice conditions my BMW X5 diesel goes thru.

I ditched the stock run flat BMW tires as soon as I got them and have been driving the Continental DWS for 3 years now and loving them.
I had the Conti DWS when I had the BMW 335d as well and loved the grip, quiet ride, and softer sidewall than the stiff RFT.

The DWS tires are great - the tread has the letters in different depths to indicate condition to drive.
In the rubber and when you can see all the letters -DWS then it can go anywhere - dry, wet, snow. When it wears down and you can only read DW then it is wet and dry rated. When you can only see D then it is dry pavement only and time to change out....

Try Tire Rack online and see what they suggest - they have a huge selection of great all seasons.

Here are my Conti DWS on 20" BMW rims:
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I had Goodyear Duratracs on my Jeep and loved them. They were quiet on the highway and great on the beach. Not sure they come in the size for a Disco.
stzombie... Curious if you settled on tires for your Disco. I'm asking the same question now, for my Disco with 18" wheels.
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