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I found a loadspace security storage box on landrover accessory website, but I believe this attaches in the trunk "loadspace luggage rails", which is where my dog resides. (I cannot attach link due to being a new member).

I work with engineers, and showed one of them the removable cup holder with *hidden* storage today. If I cannot find a solution I may have him customize that to be lockable, which he believes could be done, but may not look as pretty if it's not custom made. If I can garner enough interest, I could have them 3D print lockable cup-holders and setup a Kickstarter to bring down the cost for everyone, would require ~30 people. Putting it out there for now...
I'd be interested in donating to Kickstarter if it can hold a small handgun * under lock and key.....

* Obviously this is for those that have a permit to carry or a state that allows car carry.....
Don't leave your pistol in the car. It's called a "carry license" for a reason. ;)
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