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Anyone else have much experience using the grass/gravel/snow setting?

This winter has been a bit more snowy here in MN then last year. I've used the snow terrain response setting quite a bit and it's pretty awesome.

I was skeptical when I first got the DS that it wouldn't really do much at all. However I can tell almost immediately switching into the mode that the car handles better and feels a lot more stable in slippery conditions. I've gotten so used to it that I accidentally slid through an intersection the other day driving my wife's X3. Whoops :)

Consider me impressed and having such a useful setting will make me think twice about buying a non JLR suv in the future!
Yes very impressed with the traction ability of the Disco!
Took her to the snow in the Eastern Sierras and had a blast even on the factory supplied all season tires.

At a R1 chain checkpoint, the state highway patrol would pull over every car and make 2WD cars and big rig trucks put on chains while AWD and 4WD cars w/ A/S or snow rated tires to pass without chains but had to show the officer we had chains just in case it got bad (R2 chain control).

What I found: Discovery in snow mode never slipped - never slid - never fishtailed while other cars even with AWD would lose traction.

What this tells me: Traction control systems vary by manufacturer - case in point: I had a Mercedes 4Matic and it would slip, slide, and fishtail all the time in snow/ice. Then I had 15 years of BMWs with XDRIVE and it did the same - very disappointing. It appears most other manufacturers do not make true 4WD traction systems - they use the inexpensive clutch packs and single axle on demand AWD systems.... The Discovery maintains a firm grip on any condition even with A/S tires which means the Discovery is truly a 4WD vehicle - quite rare these days.....

Just for the winter, next week I am getting a set of winter tires (Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2) so that I can really go places where other cars cannot! >:D
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