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I've seen a few post on the Satellite radio failing to get channels or not even show up as an option under Media. I found a quick hack that can solve this issue which requires rebooting the system. Here's how I did it.

1. Start with the main screen
2. Go into your center console and remove the SD card for your navigation map
3. Go back to the main screen and select Navigation. You will get a pop up telling you your SD card is missing. Tap ok to get out of that screen and back to the main screen.
4. Go back into the center console and put the SD card back in.
5. Go back to the main screen and start Navigation.
6. At this point, it will likely reboot the system.
7. Once rebooted, give it a few minutes. The Sat Radio with channels should come back up.

Note that it's best to be parked in an area where you're not obstructed by anything to get a good signal.

Hope this helps.
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