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Sales data on the Disco Sport's Competition

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I found sales data on the August sales of vehicles in the full-size crossover segment. I'm pretty sure these will be the vehicles that the Discovery Sport will compete against once it comes out. Looks like the model to beat is the Ford Explorer. Do you think the Disco Sport will be able to dethrone the Explorer?


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I've understood the Disco to be smaller vehicle than those. ITs based on the Evoque, which is smaller than all of those...
So more the size of the Rogue than the Pathfinder?
Tough to say if it's going to dethrone the explorer, it does well enough already, then there's this new LR that is cheap that many will want to buy.
Ford has a strong brand following, but I think that people are excited by the prospect of an affordable LR. Dethrone the Explorer though? I don't think so. It could steal a little bit of sales though.
Well we also have to consider that the Disco is likely aiming for a slightly more upscale clientele. Figure its likely aiming to take sales away from Lexus, Cadillac, Lincoln, and even the Germans could be tossed in there, although that is more evoque territory...
You think the Disco Sport is going to be going head to head with the Lincoln MKC?
I think its certainly not going to be competing for sales with the Santa Fe...
You think the Disco Sport is going to be going head to head with the Lincoln MKC?
I can see that happening.
I can see that happening.
It should be quite the battle. Right now I think that Land Rover has a better brand reputation, but the Lincoln MKC is being pushed hard and is quite a nice vehicle. it'll be interesting to see what the reviews say about the Disco Sport, but I think that battle might come down to marketing in the end.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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