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roof racks

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Hey guys - hoping you can help me out. Im looking to get a roof rack for my DS sport. I would be using it for my road bike. I don't want to have the trailer hitch put on, id rather have the Thule roof rails.

Anyone get the Thule roof rails with the "feet" instead of having roof rails put on as well??

Id appreciate any advice and/or pics of what you guys have done
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I put on the roof rails to work with cross bars (haven't got the bars yet, will likely go with Thule) for carrying bikes/kayaks. I haven't heard of anyone going the route of cross bars with "feet". As I recall, those require hooking around the roof lip at the doors to attach. If they work, that would save $500-$600 for the roof rails - but I'm not sure how well they'd work since I really didn't even consider that option. While the roof rails are pricey, they are very easy to self install, and really look good (IMHO). I'd be interested to see how well the "feet" cross bars work...
It's cheaper and less wear on the body (paint scrapes) by using factory rails and cross bars than using Thule foot packs.
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I recently picked up a China/Taiwan knock-off pair of rails and installed. The rubbers were not 'perfect' and did require some super glue to hold key areas where the rubber was thin. They are painted gloss black too, decent paint job and the fitment also was pretty spot on. (they also supplied the spacer guides so your 99% lined up)

Hi I went with the factory gloss rails and cross members. I happen to love them and I am about to remove them for the winter because I use them for my summer activities.
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