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Yesterday the car went into restricted performance mode while travelling along the highway. I was already at cruising speed so I didn‘t notice reduced performance straight away until I had to slow down and then try to speed up again. It was very confronting in peak traffic especially with a large truck sitting behind me. I managed to ease it into a nearby car park and tried the old ’turn it off and back on again’ trick. Several times. Nothing changed and warning was still displayed on screen. I turned off the engine and popped the hood (like I knew what I was doing) but couldn’t see any anything that looked odd or out of place. Waited about ten minutes then started it up again. Warning was gone but amber check engine light was now on. However, the car was no longer in restricted performance mode and was driving normally. Took it to my local LR service centre today and they told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong but that it may have been a loose or dirty sensor to do with the turbo system. They cleaned the sensor and tightened it back down.
Error codes were as follows:
P0047-11 Turbo charger boost control ‘A‘ circuit low - Circuit short to ground.
P0046-19 Turbo charger boost control ‘A‘ circuit range/performance - Circuit current above threshold.
P259E-73 Turbo charger “A” boost control position at low limit - Actuator stuck closed.
P2263-22 Turbo charger boost system performance - Signal amplitude > maximum.
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