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I just replaced my OEM AC controls with these Chinese LCD units.

I couldn't find any videos or writeups on how to take apart the center console on the facelifted DS. I watched some videos on taking apart the center console on 2015-2019 DS but it turns out the 2020 is not similar at all. I am writing this all down while its still fresh in my mind. Took me about 2 hours to do since I was being careful and didnt want to break anything

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Whats in the box:
Rectangle Grey Eyewear Silver Font

Y-pigtail. No instructions
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Removal steps of center console:

1. Step 1. Drink a beer

2. Remove the 2 thigh side pieces on the center console. They are just held in with clips
[Missing picture of center console]

Back of side pieces showing the clip locations. This is the driver side. Passenger side same thing
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3. Remove the Start/stop switch. Here is the back of it showing the clip locations and 2 plugs
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4. Remove the plastic trim below the ignition switch
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5. Remove the side triangle trim. I dont know why I took a pic of the front but not the back
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6. Remove passenger side side-dash/door trim
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7. Remove the small trim next to glove box
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8. remove the pass side triangle trim
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9. Unscrew the passenger side dash. It is held in by 3 screws.
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10. Pull off the passenger side dash
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11. By now, your center console should look like this. remove these screws
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12. remove the lower screws holding the chrome trim in. Note the screws I circled in green. They are shorter than the rest of the screws.
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13. Using a plastic pry tool. You can start to pull off the whole bezel to the upper screen and the HVAC will be attached in the middle.
[missing pic of the entire hvac trim assembly]
Back of the HVAC trim assembly
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14. remove the 4 screws holding in the HVAC controls. It wont come off the bezel just yet. The yellow friction clips are holding the chrome trim to the bezel and also holding the HVAC in. using pliers, you can squeeze the yellow clips so that the chrome trim pops loose on one side, allowing you to remove the HVAC controls

15. Pop in the new LCD hvac and screw it back in. Remember to use Loctite since the OEM screws had blue Loctite on it
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I didnt know what the Y-pigtail was for so I plugged the LCD screen directly into the OEM plug. I powered on the car but found out a bunch of controls did not work. I felt around the back of the upper screen and found a plug that resembled the blue plug on the Y-pigtail
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16. Remove the upper screen. Its held in by 4 short screws
[missing pic of upper screen removed]

17. Plug in the Y-pigtail to the upper screen and lower LCD. power on car to test your screen. Reassemble dash

a couple of curious things when taking apart the dash. There are a few clear adhesive bits on where the dash meets the chrome trim. I'm guessing this is LR way to minimize rattles and squeaks. However, on the upper part of the chrome trim, there is yellow adhesive that melted thru/past the clear vinyl. I thought it was a mistake at first and wiped off the adhesive but then found it on both sides of my dash. Hopefully my dash wont squeak with the lack of adhesive.
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I have/had 2nd row climate controls. After installing the LCD screen. My 2nd row does not turn on anymore. The LCD screen shows me the option to control the 2nd row air, but it doesn't seem to work

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A few thoughts after I've been using this screen for a month.

There is some slight lag when using the touchscreen. Changing the fan speed, it lags for half a second. Changing the terrain mode, it lags for a second before updating. Its faster to look at the dashboard to see what terrain mode you selected.
I find myself hitting the Max AC or Max defrost buttons when I go to turn the volume knob
I found how to control the 2nd row climate. I need to hit the climate button and the top screen changes to show the rear climate controls. The "2nd row" button doesnt control anything 🙃
I dont know if I had heated or cooled seats to begin with. I only had my DS for a week before I replaced the screen. I thought I had heated + cooled seats but I took a look under the seats and dont see any cooing fans. Can anyone tell me what heated and cooled seats look like from underneath?
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