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My very first camping trip in my DS got me frustrated that all the accessory sockets in the car turned off when the car sat, doors open or closed, for over a few minutes. I wanted at least ONE accessory socket to stay hot, so I picked the back due to the proximity to the fuse box back there and ease of access.
So the fuse for that rear 12V socket is 20A and in the fuse box behind the glove box, way up front.
My thinking is to use the original socket and bypass its default power, instead pulling power from the rear fuse box that has some unused slots that are hot all the time. So open the rear fuse box cover...

1) Picked up my multi-meter and found some slots that were hot all the time. In this case, I'm using fuse slot FD5. Figured that since that power source was already rated at 30A, it could handle the accessory socket, originally rated and fused at 20A. (fuse box is 180-degrees from the diagram)

2) With some long hemostats, I was able to pull the wiring harness off the back of the socket. It's tight in there! ID'd the hot wire with my meter and marked it.

3) Pulled the fuse from the fuse box behind the glove box (20A fuse at F63 position), and confirmed the socket harness went dead. Fuse will remain out.

4) Cut the hot wire on the harness, giving enough room to solder and shrink wrap a new wire on there. Taped a small wire nut on the original hot wire for posterity. Left the existing ground wire because I figured it was grounded properly already. (sorry, didn't take a picture when I had the harness pulled out and did the work. Brown is hot and green is ground)

5) On the other end of that new wire is a fuse holder that is rated up to 30A and I put a 20A fuse in it to stay original to the socket. I would have used a handy ADO Add-A-Circuit, but the ones I had were only rated to 10A. I added a blade connector that I ground a bit to mimic the shape of a blade fuse connector at the end of the fuse holder.

6) With long hemostats, I was able to slide the harness back on to the accessory socket. Took some patience, good lighting, and some 'loadspace yoga' to see and get to it!

7) Then plugged the blade connector in my hot fuse space and now I have a 20A accessory socket in the back that's hot all the time, and I didn't have to drill holes! (unlike my other posts!). Works well and passed all my load tests as expected. Wanted to share.
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