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The frustrating thing is dropping >40K for a car that isn't perfect. I got mine CPO with 3K miles; I'm thinking the previous owner got too irritated with all the buggyness and issues (heard he switched to an Evoque).

I was told that Auto Stop/Start cannot be disabled permanently -- nor configured to disabled on startup -- due to some US regulation, in order to meet the fuel economy stats as advertised. I forget the exact details but that was what one dealership told me.

I've heard great things about the X3, but where I live they are just everywhere (same with A5 . . even more so). I didn't want to drive a car that all my neighbors had. Maybe I should recalibrate my mindset!
Yeah, I am learning the Land Rover products are not as perfect as say the Japs, BMW or Merc in my experiences. Just have to learn that JLR is not BMW - my past 15 years with BMW and never had that type of noise issue..

I am more annoyed at the Nav that never works when you need it - should have never asked for that option - my smartphone is more reliable....

Auto Start Stop - just go to Sport mode on the transmission selector and it will not go do the auto start stop....

As for noises - the rear trunk hatch squeeking is annoying but tolerable - I just turn up the music!>:D
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