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Radio turns on itself

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After the latest software upgrade, I find that the radio will continually turn itself on, even after I turn it off. It seems to only happen when SiriusXM was left as the input, but I rarely play anything else, so it may happen in other modes. The dealer is over an hour and a half away, so if it is something I can do, I would like to try. Thanks.
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Try other mode , seems to be logical first step
What happened in other modes.
I've only tried inputs other than Sirius a few times, but as I mentioned before, it seems to happen only when Sirius was left as the input. It also doesn't seem to matter whether the audio is left on or off ... it always turns on and keeps turning on even after it is turned off until I change the input.
Mine does the same, but it's because I use my phone for Spotify and XM, and have the bluetooth connection.
I use SiriusXM through the car but I do also have the app on the phone (as well as Bluetooth). I have made sure the app was off when troubleshooting, but if it were that, I would think other sources would be persistent. I only have this problem when I leave SiriusXM on as the source - either on or off.
I am not sure it is related, but I have had a blank screen pop up while driving a couple of times now. Both times, I had to stop and shut the car off and and then turn it back on to get the screen to show anything. Afterwards, there was nothing I could see as wrong. The radio is still turning on after it is turned off when left in Sirius as the input.
Time to go to dealer for possible software problem.
Yup ... afraid so ...
So, I finally had some time to get to the dealer about this radio thing plus the screens occasionally going wonky. The cheerful lady said they will fix that, and change the oil in a couple of hours. So after sitting at the dealer for over 7 hours, they came out and said they are having problems ... and drove me home. She said they hope to be done tomorrow because they "rarely" have a car over 2 days. The only info I got was that the car was updating and at 80%, and stayed at 80% for hours ... I assume this is why my at home almost always updates fail.
So after a couple of days at the dealer, they finally got through all of the updates successfully, and declared it fixed. They brought the car to my home (I was working) and when I tried it, within minutes, the screen blanked out. Of course, the radio turns itself on as well. After about a week after, the screen has only blanked twice, and only the middle screen - so that is better than it was. The radio still turns itself on and takes anywhere from 5 to 50 times to turn it off and have it stay off - at least for a while. The "service advisor" now is thinking there may be a short or grounding problem ...
If you just change the volume does it help
The only thing I've found that I think makes a difference is if you leave the input to something other than SiriusXM, the radio will turn on much less - so instead of 50 times, it will turn on 2-3 times or not at all.
When I did not renew my free SiriusXM , they would phone me and email me almost daily for months. Maybe they have figured out a new way to contact driver . LOL.

It sounds like you may need a whole new unit in the car.
I am actually paying my Sirius account, so they shouldn't be bothering me HAHA I guess the British have just never figured out wiring ... I had a 1960's MG and I would work on wiring while my buddies would be working on motors HAHA My motor was fine, at least after I figured out how to set up and synchronize the carbs HAHA
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