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Question on discounts

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Looking hard at a Disco Sport and car gurus is showing $6500 in cash discounts. Does anyone know the availability or limitations on that discount? Also what about discounts on a 2015 now that the 16's are on the lots.
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Welcome to the forum.
I am new but recently went thru the purchasing cycle.

CarGurus pulls information from all sources including employee purchases.
The $6500 discount is an internal (dealer) discount for those that work at a LR dealership.
So no bueno for us that work outside the dealership, LR marketing company, or affiliated businesses to LR.:mad:

The only thing I saw that was applicable was the $500 off 2016 MY and $2000 off 2015 MY cash discount for any instock LR Discovery Sport.:cool:

I used that to start my negotiations on both 2015 and 2016:
2015 - $2000 off at Autonation, $2500 off at Rusnak, and best was $3500 off at Penske Cerritos and Encino LR.
2016 - got $500 off at AutoNation, $1500 off at Rusnak, then $2000 off at both Penske and San Diego LR.

Between the two, I chose the 2016 due to color and a closer dealer - Penske LR Cerritos, CA.
The other dealer was an hour and half drive away and would have taken my trade in and be out with the DS in sweep. But we ended up selling the trade back to the original dealer - that took negotiations too....

So this past weekend, I have the beautiful, but most important - fun driving, athletic, nimble crossover with real 4 wheel drive now.:laugh:

Very happy with the acquisition and driving her daily now..>:D

Feel free to PM me if you want dealer sources, names, contacts, etc. for your discounts.....:D
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Thanks, that explains the fine print that says you have to keep the car 12 months. I'll see what kind of deal I can work locally, the comment about leasing and then buying at the end is interesting and something I hadn't thought of.
Couple questions for you...

1) Were those discounts you mentioned off MSRP or off Invoice?
2) Are were they for a MY15 or MY16?

1. Discount off MSRP at all times.
Invoice cost is pretty shallow - they claim about $2500 per car but I know there are more monies on the back end (manufacturer incentives, holdback, trunk monies, marketing cash, local sale cash, etc) according to a dealer who shall remain nameless....
So for a 2015, expect about $3K off and a 2016 expect at most around $2K off MSRP.

2. MY15 is discounting heavier than the MY16 because of the number - the age of the cars between model years are almost identical - meaning the dealerships that have both received both 15 and 16 during this summer.

A note I learned dealing with multiple dealers: if you go to your local area dealer (retail marketing region defined by LR), you will get a better discount - if you go outside your local area, you may not get much or the dealer might refuse to sell to you due to loss of manufacturer incentive for local residents.
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