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Ok I'm sorry if this has been discussed. I've been involved in so many discussions that I can't recall. Lol!!

I had the Q495 radio update done last month and I just took note of the Nav map today. It now shows city names.

I just didn't think to check that until now.

That is all....

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That's interesting. I just got my vehicle back and it too had several software updates, among other things. The radio/nav was definitely updated and I'm noticing a lot of new things in the Maps.

1. Traffic intersections/signals are appearing
2. The traffic conditions
a. are now showing up (whereas they never did before) - color coded flow indicators (red for heavy traffic)
b. shows traffic jams with yellow signs and several cars in the signs
c. makes the system prompt for the option of rerouting due to an accident or jam
3. The mapping/nav system seems more accurate and optimized (hard to explain this one - but things are updating faster and more accurately - except for random weirdness)
4. The colors seem slightly more vibrant - maybe just me; somehow feels "shinier" :)

The system still isn't perfect and reroutes even though I'm traveling exactly where it said I should. And a few times now it shows me about 1,500 feet from my current position and facing the wrong direction. It fixes itself after a few minutes of travel; but seems to get confused a little more at random times/intervals.

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