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Hi all,

I am a newbie to the forum so I hope you can help.

I recently purchased the following vehicle on 30th July 2022 from a non Landrover dealership

Make Model: Land Rover
Discovery Sport 2.0 SD4 HSE Dynamic Lux SUV 5dr Diesel Auto
Mileage: 30277
Registered: 11/2017

Whist out driving on Saturday we experienced a “critical warning” message appear on the message centre. The car then displayed a “restricted performance” message and immediately went into limp mode. The speed of the car then proceeded to decline to approx 5 mph, luckily we were able to safely limp the car into a lay-by within half a mile of the message appearing.

We immediately contacted RAC to report the breakdown. who then attended to us 3 hours later. However when they connected there diagnostic computer, it did not pick up any fault codes, and the critical warning light was no longer displayed on the dashboard.

We agreed to drive the 12 mile journey home whilst the RAC followed behind so they could provide Road side assistance if we needed it en route. Luckily no warning lights appeared on our journey home.

I contacted the dealership where we bought the car to ask what we should do.
They offered 2 options,
1- That I pay for the vehicle to be recovered to the dealership at my own cost so they can run diagnostics and repair if the fault codes are covered under warranty
2- That I pay for a local vat registered garage to run diagnostics, then forward the scan results onto the dealership.

I took option 2, and the following 3 fault codes were diagnosed by my local garage:
P2122 throttle/pedal position sensor D circuit low,
P2138 throttle/pedal position sensor D/E voltage correlation,
P0401 exhaust gas recirculation A insufficient flow detected

I will be contacting the dealership tomorrow with a copy of the diagnostics scan to find out what happens next.

My fear is they will turn around and say that these repairs are not covered under warranty.

So my question is as I only purchased the car 5 weeks ago, should the dealership cover the cost of the repairs under the consumer rights, regardless of warranty?

Apologies if this is not in the correct thread.
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