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This is JLR's new initiative, keeping track of the driver through brain wave scanning. They can tell weather you're watching the road or just looking at it...

The human brain generates four or more distinct brainwaves at different frequencies. By scanning those, an onboard computer will ‘know’ if the driver becomes sleepy while driving, for example.

However, the most common method for monitoring brainwaves is close to the source using sensors attached to a headband, something that would obviously be very intrusive in a vehicle.

This is why JLR plans to develop a system that detects brainwaves through the hands via sensors embedded in the steering wheel.

The driver’s well-being falls under this category as well. The scanning can be done through a medical-grade sensor embedded in the seat of a Jaguar XJ. The sensor was first built for hospital use, and it’s so sensitive it can detect vibrations from the driver’s heartbeat and breathing.
Mind Sense: A Full Guide to Jaguar Land Rover's Brain-Scanning Safety System | Automotive News
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