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Hello everyone
I have a performance resreicted almost every trip since one month on my DS year 2016 32000 miles 2.0 150hp.
After a visit at my local garage ( not LR) they found those fault defect:
  • P006A Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor/Mass Air Flow Sensor or Mass Air Flow Sensor Bank 1 – Correlation Possible Cause: Wiring, Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, Mass Air Flow Sensor, Air Flow Sensor volumetric air, engine management computer
  • P23E8 Excessive EGR 'C' flow detected
  • P049C Exhaust Gas Recirculation B Flow Excessive Detected
So they have replaced the 2 EGRs valve low and high pressure and delete the defect but after 2 travel, performance restricted became again...
I turn off the car, defect disappared but engine light stay.

After many test, i noticed that when I drive and stay at high engine speed (2500/3000) I don't get the fault message but if I accelerate on a hill starting, for example, from a low engine speed
the restricted performance reappears.

Has anyone had this experience before or an idea?
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