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Pedal covers

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Since DS shares the design with Evoque 2012+ there are many options. Got these from eBay took a while to fit - the accelerator one went over the OEM rubber, and the brake one had to be jimmied a bit by some duct tape, but seems to now work.


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I got some stock Evoque ones, OEM is best imho.
Not sure if you should be jimmying the all important brake pedal with duct tape. Granted they do look nice...
Does it feel loose on the Discovery Sport?
I'd like to see a picture of them installed? Can you see the duct tape at all? Does it feel fine, or can you tell something isn't quite right?
Would be cool if they came in carbon fiber and it shouldn't cost much either to make nor to purchase.
Here is a picture installed to @Junior's request above:

A couple of months and 2K in still holding on and looking good.


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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