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Paint Chipping

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We picked up our 2016 White Discovery Sport HSE almost two months ago .We already have 4,000 mile on it.The gas mileage has exceeded our expectations .We are getting between 29 mpg and 32.1 mpg on the highway and 24 to 25 around town.We are using premium gas.Overall we are pleased with our purchase.There seems to be however a problem with the paint chipping on the front of the car below the grill.The car has only seen the pavement.There are already at least a half dozen small "nicks or "chips in the paint.It seams like the paint is extremely thin in this area.Has anyone else experienced this?
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It could be a possibility that you're driving over a paved road that has a lot of little rocks. Cars in front of you might be kicking them up and they're hitting your disco :(. I don't have my car yet, but paint chipping off that early sounds really strange.
Are there pictures?
Are you driving mostly on highway?
Do you like to follow the trucks by the limited distance?
We have traveled a good mix of roads .Definitely not following anything to closely.As a mater of fact we both go out of our way to avoid following anything to closely especially trucks. The paint in that area seems to be very thin. I will post some pictures when I get a chance.Just a foot note we traded in a 2013 Ford Explorer limited with over 55,000 miles on it that traveled the same roads and it didn't have any chips in the paint.
We live in an area where they spread sand with what seems to be alot of some pebbles in the winter so 3M was a must for us on the front of the car.

Also have insurance on the glass as we generally average 3 or 4 stone chips and a cracked windshield every year.
I was contemplating getting the 3M just because I have it on another car and I like the peace of mind it provides. I'm beyond fussy when it comes to my paint. Here's a link where you get an invisible bra for the Disco and DIY. If you're at all handy you can handle it. I haven't ordered mine yet, I'm just contemplating how the large D I S C O V E R Y letters will be accommodated.

Invisible Mask - Clear Bra Automotive Paint Protection, 3M Scotchgard, Carbon Fiber 3M Films

Incidentally, I was having another car inspected for lease end and the guy was using a paint meter to check the paint. I asked him to through it on the Disco, 4mm I believe he said. Not sure how that compares to other vehicles... From my own experience, Mitsubishi paint chips if you sneeze, Mazda pretty susceptible to chips, VW, great German paint. Germans know to paint! Had a couple of VW's and virtually no road rash after 50K.
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Thank you for all the feedback.I am going to try to find someone with a paint meter.If it is within the normal range I 'll look into the 3m if not I'll pursue it with Land Rover
Paint chip update.Since I first posted this our Discovery sport front end has started to look like it has measles.My wife usually gets a new vehicle every two years.We have had a lot of cars.This is the only one that has had this sort of problem.I had the Discovery at the dealer for something else and I mentioned it to the Service Dept. Several people looked at the car and they all agreed that this is very unusual.They agreed that it shouldn't be happening. They took some pictures and are going to submit a claim to Land Rover.I'll let you know what happens.
I was contemplating getting the 3M just because I have it on another car and I like the peace of mind it provides. I'm beyond fussy when it comes to my paint. Here's a link where you get an invisible bra for the Disco and DIY. If you're at all handy you can handle it. I haven't ordered mine yet, I'm just contemplating how the large D I S C O V E R Y letters will be accommodated.
On the 3M applied to my car, there are cut outs that follow the outside profile of the letters, but not the inside.

So most letters are a square cut out, but the V would be a triangle. The inside of the C or V do not have coverage
Land Rover denied the claim without even looking at the car.The dealer offered to paint it at their cost.Which was very nice of them considering it isn't their problem.In the mean time I had two body shops look at it and they both agree there is a problem with the paint.I contacted Land Rover and told them what the body shops said. I also asked them how could they determine there was no problem with the paint if they didn't actually examine the car. The person I talked to said she would contact the dealer and get back to me. Once I get this resolved I will definitely get the 3m.
I heard from Land Rover yesterday.After further review with the Dealer they agreed to repaint the front end of the car.I dealt with a representative named Carol.She was very concerned with the situation and was very helpful.I just have to call the Dealer on Monday to get it set up.
It took a little time to get this resolved.Land Rover did agree there was a problem and they had the dealer who uses a a local shop for their body work re do the whole bumper.We have had the car back for just about a month now and it hasn't had even a spec on the bumper.When you look at the bumper it appears to have a thicker coat of paint and it looks like more clear coat.We are very happy with how this ultimately worked out.
3000 miles on my DS and have found some small paint chipping on the bumper and lower painted valence.
Compared to my 20000 mile BMW, it is normal - the chipping occurs when small rocks hit the paint at high speeds.

Just have to get some touch up paint as I have in my BMW....
Obviously a little late now, but when I was dealing with paint on the automotive side in my past, we had a paint adhesion test where you score an "X" into the paint, then see if anything lifts off with tape.

Would have been interesting to see what the results would have been before the paint was resprayed
Touch up paint was not the answer.There was a legitimate problem with the paint.Thankfully Land Rover stepped up and addressed the problem.
Purchased a 2016 white Discovery 2 months ago. After 1 month 1000 miles I had 19 small chips on the front bumper area. Contacted dealer and they said they would take a look at it. By the time I had a chance to bring it in, another 1000 miles were put on it and now there are 32 small chips on the front (looks like it has measles). Dealer says its normal wear and tear on the vehicle and they will not do anything about it. This Is total bull, because I have never had a vehicle in normal highway driving receive this unsightly damage. They suggested purchasing a bra for the front, put there definitely must be a flaw in the paint. I do not want an unsightly bra on my vehicle. I am so extremely disappointed in the Land Rover brand. Every person that sees my vehicle comments on the crazy chips all over the front. You would think they would fix the paint (which is definitely a defect) instead of receiving bad word of mouth from any future customers seeing my vehicle. Shame on you Land would be an easy problem for you to fix to make me a satisfied customer.
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Did you try contacting LR North America or wherever you reside instead of the dealer. Maybe even mention this forum?
I had the exact same issue .The dealer agreed it was a defect.They made a claim and LR denied it.I persisted and contacted LR North America myself .After a revue of the facts they agreed to have the bumper repainted.The dealer made all of the arrangements and gave me a car while the repair was done.It has been since February and there is not one mark on the bumper. (I hope I didn't just jinx my self) .I couldn't be happier with LR of Wilm DE and LR of North America
Was a special type of paint used? Or was a clear protective film added?
Picked up my 2017 last Saturday and she's in the shop getting the full self healing film: Bumper, Hood, A-pilers, side quarter panels, the roof (7" from the front roof to the pano), headlights, under handles and the weird silver grey piece on the hood (went to gloss black): $1500. I keep my cars for a long time, so I figured this was well worth it as some of my previous cars has been chewed up badly. If your keeping your car it's definitely worth it (obviously not for lease).
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