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I haven't been on here in almost 4 years - after talking about all the fun accessories when I bought my Disco. It's served us well and now with 60K is starting to be a bit more of a pain.
The other day driving along and got a Check Engine light - immediately went to AutoZone and they diagnosed it as a "Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit High Input".

LR appointments were all a week+ out so I went to my local independent shop. He called me back and said there are many codes behind this one that he pulled out:
P219D-84 - Cylinder2Air - Fulel Ratio Imbalance - Signal below allowable range
P0300-00 - Random / Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
P0316-00 - Misfire Detected on Start-Up (First 1000 revolutions)
P0128-00 - Coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temp below Thermostat regulating Temp)

So he recommends in addition to replacing the Camshaft sensor replacing the O2 Sensor, Thermostat, spark plugs, and ignition coil. I agree as that makes sense based on these codes and off we go. Thermostat took a bit of work/$ - but the rest was straightforward.

The problem he ran into (in his words): After removal of Intake Camshaft position sensenor metal was noticed on the sensor. Inspection of camshaft through the senor hole revealed the sensor ring on the camshaft was loose of the camshaft. This could be possibly need camshaft replacement as well as work to the timing chain. Recommend a trip to the LR for a second opinion... I got an LR appt booked - but not for a few weeks and need to keep driving the truck a few 100 miles before then.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Opinions? Experiences? relevant? Make sense?

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I would get the second opinion for sure. The misfires do not need to be ignition related low fuel pressure or injector problems are also a possible problem. I had similar codes that required new injectors not coils or spark plugs. The camshaft sensor could be the only problem but have it worked on first.

The thermostat problem is usually caused by the engine temperature not reaching a set temperature by either distance or time (forget which) . It was a 5 minute job to change out thermostats in the good old days but labour is costly now because they are hard to get at.

Read the pdf from your post and it looks like the sensor will cause all your problems.

Please post again after you have the car repaired, so many post the problem but never come back to tell of the solution.

Nice to see you again
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