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i recently received an off road course as a gift and enjoyed it so much but the only problem was that my Discovery sport was completely stock and the rest of the guys all had proper prepared vehicles (Jeep, Pickup trucks) with a/t wheels, skid plates and obviously they all had good ground clearance.
but I did not feel bad at all as my aim was to learn limitations of my vehicle and how to handle off road situations.
In that 2 day course I learned at least some basics and my limitations with the stock discovery sport.
But as everyone else I wanted more.
the car performed great in sand but struggled in some other off-road areas. Due to tires.
I searched night and day to find the best a/t tires and found the bf Goodrich KO2 was one of the best but the only size close to my stock wheels were 255/55/18 and my size were 235/60/18. Problem was that if I changed it, and believe me I was dying to. It would void my warranty ?
I looked further and found a set of Falkens wildpeak and I installed a 2mm steel skid plate. I am having so much fun and with the correct pressure they are more than enough for me.
I’m not the most experienced 4x4 driver but I enjoy my limitations and hope to do more
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