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Only 3 contact Sync when I set-up Device

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Set up a new bluetooth device (I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge running Android 5.1.1)

When it syncs with contacts only 3 contacts are updated.

There is no logic to why these three contacts were picked, i.e. they weren't on the SIM or Google single contacts or the first in the list, or alphabetical etc. etc.

Any help as to how I'd get all the contacts on?
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I have a Note 5 and it syncs the contacts. I am running android 5.1.1

Technically our phones are not listed as tested/compatible at the moment on Land Rover's site.

I also have quirky issues with the text messages appearing on the car screen sometimes but not consistently.
Ah, I c. Is there a link for the compatibility section? I want to track it.

The good thing is that the texts come through, music plays well and calls are working.
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