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I'm having a hard time finding a good holder for my new Nexus 6p. It's a bit large with a case on it. I had a Galaxy S4 before and used a holder that fit into the vent. However, the 6p is too wide for that holder and one I tried from Amazon stuck out too far and the phone flopped down. I found this option from ProClip: Land Rover Discovery Sport 2015-2016 ProClip Center Mount*-*ProClip USA. Has anybody tried these? Has anybody tried these specifically with the DS? I am not sure which is best, the angled mount or the center mount. The angled mount concerns me because the passenger might bump it. The center mount concerns me because I might bump it with my knee when driving. I also don't know how far up the center console I can mount it. Anyway, any thoughts? Thanks!
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