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I know this belongs in the Purchasing section, but there isn't that much traffic there. Anyways, I am new to Land Rover and in the market for a new 2016 DS HSE AWD in Fuji White with black interior. The upgrades are listed below. MSRP is 47,928 minus 3k for dealer incentive. Final price is 44,928. With the dealer incentive, will they discount any further? If so what would be a good final price?


Radio: 250W Audio System w/11 Speakers
SiriusXM Satellite & HD Radio
3 month trial


heated windscreen
Heated Leather Steering Wheel
Climate Front & Heated Rear Seats


autonomous emergency braking
Traffic Sign Recognition
SD Card Navigation
Lane Departure Warning

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Welcome to the forum!

Good choice on the DS with the options chosen.
The car is almost identical to mine....

Question: is this a 2016 or 2016.5 model ? There are some major option changes in the 2016.5 so you need to be aware before plunging in.

If the model is an older 2016 model, $3K off dealer by the manufacturer is not a very good deal. The dealer should have some more room to negotiate a lower price using his margin and back end incentives.

If the model is the newer 2016.5, then the $3K is a pretty good deal.

They are obviously making room for the incoming 2017 models so you should have more negotiating power as time passes and more 2016 are left on the lot.

Another question: Are you leasing, financing or paying cash ?
Method of transaction determines profits for the dealership so it would be helpful to know.

3 tips:
1. Go to your dealer and see if you can spot their sales manager board listing sales goals/projections vs. sales for the month.
Make an excuse to see the manager and look for this board - if they have it visible to the sales staff, you should look for the dealership's sales numbers. If you see the DS is low on sales versus projected - make an offer.

2. Go in at the end of the month when sale projections are heavily pressed to make sales.... End of June is usually the end of a corporation's fiscal year so that may be of help when negotiating.

3. Before the deal is signed, always promise the selling dealer that you plan on giving them top customer satisfaction scores after the purchase. This makes the dealer know that you will get them the top scores for an end of the month or quarter sales bonus / incentive....

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Thanks. It's a 2016 model and I will be financing. What would be a good price?
Since it is an older model, I think you should be able to get more of a discount. In addition to the manufacturer's discount, see if the dealer will go another 3K off.

As for financing, try to have your bank or credit union get you their best rate and compare against what the dealer offers.

Remember, the dealer can set any finance rate above what you qualify for.:(

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I simply used Kelley Blue Book (ie: to get a baseline of the price in my locale. I selected the option/s I wanted which came to a target price range of US$39,082 - 41,293 = Fair Purchase Price of US$40,188 I contacted several LR dealers in my area and one was able to agree w/ my best offer of US$40,100 I did all negotiation via e-mail. I avoided in-person and phone calls. (Just didn't want to see them or hear their voice.) The only time I ever came to see them was to cut out a personal check of the out-the-door price (US$44,500) and pickup the DS.

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Overall - I think (as mentioned by others) you can go a tad lower given the new 2017s on the way...but not bad for all the options you listed. HOWEVER -- I would sincerely test-drive the vehicle and make sure (for the price you paid or will pay) there are NO RATTLES, SQUEAKS and NOISES towards the rear seats - trunk area. I encourage you to read the POST(s) related to this subject matter. Don't get me wrong -- the design, innovative features and layout of the DS are well appointed w/out debate. Quality workmanship and customer support is another story when it comes to any solutions / fixes re: RATTLING. Maybe this will go away on the 2017 models?
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