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Ordered these in from the east coast (none in the west coast) from America's Tire:

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 snow rated 255/55/18 tires for my Discovery Sport!

These will take me up some great wet, slushy, snowy, and icy roads this winter for skiing and fishing!

Plus these were at a terrific price - clearance priced @ $169 each plus $150 rebate so that made it easy.

It will be my winter tires and will be swapping out to the stock tires during the summer...

They are 2 width sizes larger than the stock tires so they do look a lot better - especially from the rear. They fill up the wheel well even better!

Same diameter so that means no worries about the speedometer accuracy...

New tires ride so much nicer! Thanks to DiscoDisco for the tire calculator that helped the search for a different sized tire without affecting the speedometer!

Check these aggressive photos out:
My tires are 235/60R18 I am assuming that yours will be wider thus looking more aggressive?
Did you install 255/55/18 on the stock 235/50/18 rims?
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