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Time for some more updates.

Will cross over 47k miles this weekend. Have the 50k mile service scheduled for December. FYI have never heard a B pillar tick - the seat belt on the passenger side will "tick" against the pillar when no one is in the seat - I just reach over and fasten it and the sound goes away. Instead I've got all sorts of other gremlins...

Latest gremlin was in the instrument panel. The cruise control indicator, left turn indicator and Hill Descent Control indicator all illuminated on start up after work yesterday. They did not go out when the vehicle was turned off and everything else shut down - not big or bright but how long till the battery drained? Tried several stop-starts over several hours but wouldn't go away.
No exterior lights were out, brakes, turn lights, running lights, fogs all check out while these lights were still on, including the left turn indicator that was under constant illumination. The cruise control worked fine you just couldn't tell when it went on or off because the indicator was constantly lit. Same with the HDC - turned it on and it worked fine too. The only way you knew the left turn indicator was working was to hear it clicking. Who knows how long this particular gremlin persisted but this morning they were gone and haven't returned (yet).

I still get the SD Card Read error frequently, still on my second card, maybe they will replace it again at the 50k service? It almost categorically refuses to work in Oklahoma - go figure.
I haven't had the Check Engine Light come on in a couple weeks - probably 1,500 miles now without the indicator. :) I still think it is temperature, elevation and varying amounts of ethanol in the gas that are the primary culprits. This gremlin has been with me for about 20k miles now with two repair attempts.

The deposit for my next LRDS, 2017 model in Aintree Green has been paid. Delivery date pending but I will cross the dreaded 50k warranty expiration in early 2017 so the sooner it arrives the better.

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