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Hi everyone
I have volunteered to be forum moderator and have studying all the tools available to help Hopefully most will never be used.

Unlike many other forums we have been lucky in the fact that everyone has been showing respect to fellow members , using civilized language and not posting any rants. This makes my job very easy !

Please try to post in the proper forum section to make it easier for others to find solutions and do not post the same thing in several places. With more experience I will try to straighten posts to make it easier to follow.

Re : Myself. Over the many years I have been driving I see many of the same problems occurring in all makes. First car was a 1954 Pontiac (used) , oldest car was a 1950 Ford (shared) so I have seen many changes over the years and some things that never change.

Please fill in all your information in your account, I have always found it interesting to find out where other owners live , and you may find a fellow owner close by.

Looking Forward to working with everyone.


Located in the extreme west of Canada near the Pacific and a few Kilometers from the USA border.
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