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Hi Everyone,

I just picked up a 2020 LR Discovery Sport S. Got an awesome deal as it was a loaner and end of the month incentives. Loved driving the car for approximately 2 hours, when I heard a lot of noise and felt vibration from the brakes. Brought it back to the dealer and currently the Rover is receiving new pads and rotors (at 4400 miles!!). I was given some excuse by the SA that the car had not been driven in approximately 6 months due to COVID and rotors/pads rusted and pitted.... sounds like an excuse but LR is picking up the tab!!

ANYWAY, I was given a 2020 RR Sport HSE as a loaner so can't complain. BUT do look forward to driving my LR Discovery Sport S!

I am located near Princeton, NJ. First LR and will used as a daily, with a lot of hauling of my daughter's horse riding equipment/trunkl! Glad to find the community!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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