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2019 Discovery Sport HSE, 2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee
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Yaay! I took delivery of a new DS HSE (5 seat) on Saturday and I'm very happy. It was ordered in March. After driving the same XJ Cherokee for the last 18 years this is quite a changeup. I'll have to get used to the drive physics. The power delivery band doesn't seem to be as smooth as the I-6 in the XJ, but that could be just an adaption thing. I have not experienced any of the reversing lag I've read about on this forum. I got the definitive answer on the full-spare: one of the service managers has tried before to drop one into the spare well, and laying on its side, it's just too tall. The lid won't close. And truth be told I've never actually flattened a tire off road -- it's just a piece of mind thing. I told the SM that if it really starts to concern me, I can always bolt one to the hood like LR used to. The surround cameras are neat.

I got the tow package and the 2" receiver and electricals are integrated nicely into the rear of the DS -- looks like minimal impact to angle of departure.

The dealer, Rosenthal in Tysons Corner, was great. They threw in some extra goodies: all-weather floor mats, rubber cargo mat for the rear, some retention nets and a cargo carrier (the salesman said he noticed I was carrying some things in the XJ -- fire extinguisher, flares, reflective triangles, large umbrella, ground tarp -- that I'd probably want to transfer to the DS. Oh, and who can forget the LR logo valve stem caps?

After one weekend, it's still a fine experience.
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