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Hi all - new to the group and Land Rover. Always wanted a Jag with a decent hybrid and they didn’t have one so my car history consists of Golf GTIs, Audi A3s and more recently a BMW330e.

New car arrived today after lots of delays. First impression, love it.. I’ve driven most of the newer BMWs and recently rented a brand new Volvo XC60… this blows them away!

Mine is a top spec with pretty much everything added but based on 1 days use it’s the best everyday car I’ve driven, feels like a Range Rover inside materials are top quality, meridian sound system is better than the equivalent Harman Kardon in BMW, the premium paint is stunning. Not quite as quick as I was hoping at 309 Bhp but probably fast enough for the type of car it is.

I expected the Privi system to be crap but again… it’s great. And it’s a Brit(ish) car!

Really happy, anyone considering buying one go for it (if you can manage the wait) and you won’t be disappointed! Well done Land Rover
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