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I really have my heart set on a new Disco Sport.....BUT......I hesitated to purchase one based on UN-Happy campers and The various problem issues I've been reading about on this site. So....I refocused my attention on another vehicle. Well....guess what? Their forum had even more issues and complaints. Being the curious person I am, I started looking at a variety of car forums (foreign & domestic) from sedans to trucks of various manufacturers. The result was simply that if I were to base my purchase decision on forum content, I'd be better off walking.
So....I've come to the conclusion that every vehicle contains many many parts, designed by humans and mostly assembled by humans.....there are likely to be occasional issues. With that in mind, I'm going to get the Disco Sport I want and hope for the best.
Please understand that I don't meant to minimize or be critical of those who have experienced issues with LR....I SYMPATHIZE with you and wish you well.
You are correct...You're always gonna hear more about the problems on forums. It's where people go to vent and find solutions. Few people get on and start up a thread about how fantastic their car is.

Not only that but when you spend the large sum of money that is today's car's price tags,,,then every niggle is gonna be a frustration. These days and times we expect things to "just work" and for the price tag they better daymn work!...right? That's the thought process.

Im not marginalizing anyone's problems either but there some truth to the above.....I have found myself caught up in that.

FWIW, knock wood, our DS has been very good. Everything has worked 98% of the time. Our few little problems have been fixed and we've never been without something to drive while being fixed.
Our worst part of DS ownership was when we were without it for a month after our DS got rear ended. Also, FWIW, it took the hit like a champ....its just the parts had to come from the UK, hence the long repair time.

This has been one of our favorite cars...Lord knows we've had plenty of them so that's saying something.
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