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Hi anyone,

Let me make a summary of my Disco experience.

I bought my 2016 Disco HSE two years ago with mileage 4K km, now it is 11K, it was the showroom car used by salesmen.
I do not use it too much for the time being, I will exported to my home country soon.

After "discovering" the rattle package was included in the car and passed the first angry moments, now I am more reconciled with the car. One day I will try to fix the B-pillar noise (no welding, that's for professionals) and the tailgate one when passing over humps/puddles.

When passing over those humps, as compared with a Tucson I use daily, it is like the LR is more "sensitive" when the front part of the car falls down immediately after passing the hump, it does not absorb the obstacle well. Tucson or any other regular car are more resilient to that.

When arriving home, we have for security reasons, an slalom of concrete barriers that we pass so it requires low speed and steering left right several times. As compared to other cars, it is like the steering wheel does not help you to return to the forward position so the sensation is totally different. Has anyone felt the same?

The consumption is not good to be honest, I cannot understand how LR is not able to reduce it, even in the new 2020 models the average is similar.

I have read several threads about InTouch (not Pro). Another fail by LR, they are so proud that initially they do not need to follow the "de-facto" standards and later they must realize and accept them (AA & CarPlay) but late and badly. I read a couple of threads on the alternative device, Joyeauto seems good but the installation video on Youtube could be better and for Disco instead of Evoque.

Finally, after many years with the fancy rotary gear, it looks like LR again must recognize the lever gear is more useful. I have not found any thread on the forum about this. I will create a new one on the feasibility of replacing one by the other.

Thanks and sorry for the lengthy text.
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