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2016 Disco Sport HSE Lux
Bluetooth, ipod, and nav detection of Sd card are all not working.
History -
1. only when driving long distances like over 3 hours, the multimedia screen would spontaneously reset and everything would continue to work as it should. (happened for about a year)
2. occasionally the bluetooth would not show up as an option on the screen and a turn car off and back on would fix it.
3. then last month, the following all stopped working with the listed symptoms
  • bluetooth does not work. In settings, the checkbox is there but will not allow me to check it to turn it on.
  • ipod usb does not work. When I plug a phone in, it will charge and turn the phone to dark mode and trigger the incontrol apps but the source button for the ipod will not show up
  • the SD card is not read for the GPS. After about 5 miles of driving I get a pop up message that the multimedia hub cannot detect the SIM card. if I hit "retry" the system resets and cycle starts again and it does not detect the SD card.
  • the rest of the functions for the head unit work fine - cameras, radio, hvac controls, trip computer, etc.
Took it to the dealer who replaced the multimedia hub in the armrest which did not fix the issue. They have since opened a ticket with the manufacturer.

Spoke with my son who knows something about cars and he suggested a broken solder joint on a board somewhere or a heat sink issue on a board.

Anyone know where the bluetooth module is located on these? is it in the head unit or a separate multimedia hub? I'm hoping there is a faulty smaller board somewhere that can be replaced.

Any thoughts are welcome!

2016 DS HSE Auto Gas/petrol
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Others with a similar problem have reset the entertainment system , you have to delete all your contacts and gps info when doing it.

But that is probably the first thing you have tried.
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