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Well, summer is certainly here in Texas. Several days in high 90's low 100's, with high humidity. This is my first real summer with the car (got it last September) - Cirrus grey with black pack certainly doesn't help>:D

Have to say the A/C seems pretty decent - not great, but good. The ventilated seats are certainly helpful. You're not going get icicles on your butt, but a nice cool feeling (takes a bit to "cool"). Nice relief from black leather on a hot, sunny day. The remote start is very useful to get the car cool before the afternoon trip home (though, doesn't always seem to work the first time:eek:

All in all, I'd have to give it an 8/10 for temp control in the summer. My Infiniti cooled better, quicker, but I have had other cars that were worse.

Bad news. My sunglasses have small metal parts on the temples. These get really hot in the roof-mounted sunglasses holder!!! I have to remember to keep them in the little cubby in the center dash or risk 3rd degree burns>:D
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