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Hi All,

Looking to sell my 2019 DS Landmark. In an attempt to avoid the tyre kickers and day dreamers I checked WBAC And they are offering £28,500 (not too bad I thought). So next I checked with my local dealer and they estimated between 27 and 28k, after appraisal.

Main point of the post though, has anyone used WBAC? Do they often devote from their valuation? My vehicle is mint and just needs a clean!
MY19 Discovery Sport Landmark Edition, Corris Grey, Connect Pack, Service Pack, 2.0(180) Auto.
They don’t usually offer the best value looking at the figures and prices will usually depend on condition and mileage. Selling privately is the way to go for maximum money, but if you think that you are getting a good deal then go for it. I usually part-exchange my vehicles, but I don’t always get a very good price it’s just convenient!
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